Programmatic / RTB Support

Plug in all your demand and supply partners with minimum effort.

How to use EXADS ad serving platform programmatically

OpenRTB and Custom RTB Integrations

Industry standard integrations through OpenRTB

Large range of high performing ad formats supported

Integrate with both DSPs and SSPs in one platform

Extensive variety of sources to integrate with our custom integrations

Demand Side RTB

Integrate with multiple SSPs or publishers directly

Avail of automatic optimization tools for your programmatic campaigns

Use server-to-server or Header Bidding to maximize your ROI

Demand Side RTB

Easily manage and add all your supply and demand partners from one interface.

EXADS offers server-to-server & Header Bidding to maximize your ROI

Supply Side RTB

Integrate all your DSP partners with our custom integrations

Get insights on your advertisers and fill rates with advanced real-time reporting

Stay in control of the traffic you sell with advanced targeting.

EXADS supply side RTB

More Powerful Features for Your Ad Server


Empower your platform users. Give your users the autonomy to thrive and accomplish their goals with your platform.




Monitor & measure your KPIs against your goals with the ultimate analytics. Assess performance in real-time.




Deliver engaging and compelling video ads. Integrate seamlessly with all the industry standard video players.



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