EXADS Ad Server APIs to Build Your Own Platform

Build your ideal ad platform with our core modules!
EXADS Ad Server

Infinite Possibilities: Your Ad Platform, Your Way

EXADS' full range of APIs allows you to build your own ad serving platform exactly the way you want it. Integrate seamlessly with third-party systems and platforms. Get the flexibility you need to reach your advertising goals, save time and money.
Complete range of APIs to build a powerful ad platform

Automation APIs for the creation of campaigns, sites, and zones

Ad Placement API to implement custom ad formats

Statistics API to build the reports your business needs

Customize front end of your platform with Admin Panel API

Access EXADS' expert support and guidance 24/7

With over 10 years of expertise in developing ad tech solutions, EXADS has the knowledge and flexibility to help you build the ideal ad server for your advertising business.

How to use EXADS ad serving API

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