Ad Block Recovery

EXADS offers an efficient and easy-to-implement ad block circumventing solution to help you claim your lost revenue.

How to monetise ad block traffic

EXADS Ad Block Circumventing Solution

Show your ads to users who have ad blocking software installed and switched on

Instantly recover the revenue lost due to ad blocking

Our unique technology works on all browsers, platforms, and devices

As simple as placing a line of code on your website

Four Different Implementations

Ad Block PHP: Standard solution, most popular and easy to implement

API: Provides the endpoints to get the ads directly for unsupported languages

Proxy: A cross-platform application that handles API requests and caches ads

WordPress Plugin: Developed to easily integrate these ad zones into your WordPress site

How EXADS circumvents ad blockers

More Powerful Features for Your Ad Server

Admin Features

Manage all the aspects of your online advertising business effortlessly, from a single interface.


Admin Features

Advanced Targeting

Unparalleled targeting options that provide high precision and guarantee maximum impact for your campaigns.


Advanced Targeting


Large variety of features for campaign creation, optimization and management within an intuitive interface.





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