Essential Pricing Models

CPM - set the price you will pay for 1,000 impressions of your ad

CPA - pay only when the user takes an action

CPV - base your pricing model on actual views of your videos

CPC - set a price for each click on the ad

Pricing Models

Smart CPM

Bid for impressions at the best price possible

Set up the maximum you are willing to pay, and our system will do the rest

Save time and get the best visibility at the most affordable price

Pay for your advertising based on the performance of your ads with Dynamic CPA.

Avoid paying for impressions that don’t materialise in user actions

Not all actions are valued the same. Set a value for each type of action your users take

More Powerful Features for Your Ad Server

Programmatic / RTB Support

Powerful features that help you take full advantage of the benefits of programmatic advertising and real-time bidding. Plug in all your demand and supply partners with minimum effort.

Programmatic / RTB Support


Empower your platform users. Invite advertisers and publishers to create their own campaigns and ad zones. Give your users the autonomy to thrive and accomplish their goals through your platform.



Monitor and measure your KPIs against your goals with the ultimate analytics features. Carry out intelligent data analysis and assess the performance of your campaigns with granular real-time reports.


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