Pricing Models

Choose the pricing model that best suits the objectives of each of your campaigns.

EXADS bidding models

Essential Pricing Models

CPM - with the Cost per Mille model, advertisers pay for every 1,000 impressions an ad receives.

CPA - with the Cost per Action model, advertisers pay when users take particular actions.

CPV - with the Cost per View model, advertisers pay when users watch a video ad for a set duration.

CPC - with the Cost per Click model, payments are based on the number of times users click ads.

Smart CPM

Bid for impressions at the best price possible

Set up the maximum you are willing to pay, and our system will do the rest

Save time and get the best visibility at the most affordable price

EXADS pricing models

Pay for your advertising based on the performance of your ads with Dynamic CPA.

Avoid paying for impressions that don’t materialise in user actions

Not all actions are valued the same. Set a value for each type of action your users take

Smart Bid

Automatically determine the optimal bid based on the likelihood of a user to convert

It can be used for Target CPA and Target ROAS bidding strategies

Smart Bid is an algorithm that is guaranteed to generate profit for advertisers

Smart Bid 2

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