EXADS Ad Server for Publishers

Manage all your ad inventory from one platform.
EXADS dedicated Publisher ad server

Full Platform Control

EXADS white-label Ad Server is the perfect solution for Publishers looking to centralize their advertising business across their various digital properties. Manage all your inventory from one platform, avail of powerful features, and streamline your sales with self-service technology.
Full control of your platform’s settings for your teams & advertisers

Accurate performance monitoring with 50+ Metrics, 25+ Dimensions and Filters

Save time and effort by quickly creating and downloading reports

Easy integration with the Programmatic demand sources of your choice

Segment and target audiences effectively using first-party data

Protect your brand & audiences from malvertising & poor ad quality

Consolidate your entire digital advertising business with EXADS’ Ad Server for Publishers: white-label, easy to use, and scalable.

Best publisher ad server

The Ideal Monetization Solution For

Multiple Websites Owners

General Content Websites

News Websites

Video Content Websites

VoD Websites & Apps

Video Streaming Websites

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