Easily scale your advertising business with self-service technology that allows advertisers and publishers to create and manage their own accounts.

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Easily Scale Operations and Streamline Sales

Save costs with efficient and easily scalable technology

Give your users the autonomy to thrive and accomplish their goals

Streamline your sales and operations and reduce workload

Don't miss out on smaller deals due to limited resources


Allow publishers to manage their own inventory

Publishers can add their own sites and zones and select their settings for each

They can easily manage their payments and monitor performance

Self Service


Advertisers of all sizes can easily sign up and create their accounts

An intuitive interface allows them to create, manage and fund their campaigns

Access to conversion tracking, automatic optimizations and real-time analytics

Self Service Extra

Find detailed information on all features and functionalities in our regularly reviewed and updated Advanced Documentation.

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More Powerful Features for Your Ad Server


Monitor and measure your KPIs against your goals with the ultimate analytics features. Assess performance in real-time.




Everything you need to deliver engaging and compelling video ads. Integrate seamlessly with all the industry standard video players. 





Your branding is part of your identity. With EXADS white-label technology, your ad platform will look and feel like an extension of your business.



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