With EXADS powerful features for video, you have everything you need to deliver engaging and compelling video ads.

EXADS video ad formats

VAST & VPAID Support

Integrate seamlessly with all the main industry-standard video players

Insert your tracking events and receive notifications of when these occur, with VAST

Enable functionalities such as viewability and add interactivity to your ads with VPAID

Use VPAID for your video ads and provide rich ad experiences for viewers

HTML5 Technology

Use Fluid Player, EXADS’ free open-source HTML 5 video player

Serve video ads with faster loading times with an easy-to-implement plugin

Serve ads on web apps, CTV, and even live-stream video ads

Fluid Player

Serve multiple ads during a video with VMAP (Video Multiple Ad Playlist).

Structure your ad inventory insertion on Publisher video players

Control the placement and timing of your ads across multiple partner sites

VAST Waterfall ensures that if an ad can’t be run for any reason, the next ad in line will be run. Get more than one VAST response from platforms.

VAST video ad serving

More Powerful Features for Your Ad Server


With EXADS white-label technology, your ad platform will look and feel like an extension of your business.



Ad Block Recovery

EXADS offers an efficient and easy to implement adblock monetization solution to help you gain your lost revenue.


Ad Block Recovery

Admin Features

Manage all the aspects of your online advertising business effortlessly, from a single interface.


Admin Features

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