EXADS Ad Server for CTV Advertising

Expand your reach with a powerful ad server for Connected TV advertising.
EXADS CTV ad server

Maximize Your CTV Revenue with EXADS Ad Server

EXADS white-label Ad Server is a ready-to-go solution that provides a centralized platform where you can monitor your entire CTV ad revenue. With advanced targeting features and custom ad formats, ads are served to the right viewers in the most suitable format.
VAST Tag Support for seamless delivery of ads

Advanced targeting options for CTV viewers

Customized ad formats for enhanced engagement

Create, manage & optimize campaigns from one platform

OpenRTB and Custom RTB Integrations

Real-time advanced analytics for in-depth reporting

Get a strong start in CTV advertising with an ad server that can help you deliver best-in-class advertising experiences.

CTV advertising with EXADS ad server

The Ideal Monetization Solution For

CTV Ad Agencies

TV Manufacturers

Streaming Platforms

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