Integrations and Apps Readily Available

EXADS has teamed up with leading companies across the globe to bring you the ultimate ad serving experience.

Integration of industry leading apps and platforms


The integration with BitPay, a pioneer in cryptocurrency payment processing, allows EXADS users to perform payments in BitCoin (BTC), BitCoin Cash (BCH), DogeCoin (DOGE), and LiteCoin (LTC). BitPay ensures access to payments that are fast, more secure, and less expensive on a global scale.


By using cryptocurrency payment provider Circle, EXADS gained access to a global, scalable and efficient way of moving digital money. Payments via USD Coin (USDC) are widely used due to the USDC tie to the US Dollar, which gives it stability and makes it the best crypto choice for digital payments.

Partnering with Kantox means that EXADS can automate wire transfer payouts to Publishers. Invoices can be paid quicker and safer, individually or as mass payments, from one place. Through the integration of Kantox, we remove risky and time-consuming manual procedures.

Paxum has been our wire transfer solution for over 10 years. Through Paxum, EXADS can process international payments in a swift and easy manner. Their reliable solution and technology have enabled EXADS to offer worldwide mass wire transfers for our customers.

Rated as one of the top POS systems, Paypal was an obvious choice for EXADS, in our endeavor to offer the quickest, safest, and easiest payment options to our customers, publishers, and advertisers. Active in over 200 countries, PayPal is the world's largest payment network.

Working with online payment providers that offer a great user experience and also a fast, secure, and reliable service is a priority at EXADS. Nuvei, through its payment technology and popularity, helps us meet the requirements of more of our customers for credit and debit card payments.

Security and reliability in crypto payments are hugely important for EXADS. We've partnered with XBO as a cryptocurrency payment provider for both Advertiser funding of campaigns and payouts to Publishers. Payments in BTC, ETH, DOGE, USDC, and many others are supported.

EXADS has partnered with Shift4 to provide safe and easy online debit or credit card payments for advertisers. As a global online payment gateway, Shift4 allows EXADS to deliver a seamless user experience, an automated recharge option, and a “Save Card” feature.

EXADS also integrated with Vendo, a payment provider renowned for its commitment to "Intelligent Payments with a Human Touch." Leveraging Vendo's cutting-edge payment solutions, businesses can streamline checkout processes & minimize the risks of fraudulent activities.


EXADS has partnered with AdSecure to automate the ad verification process before ad campaigns go live & while they are running. We work with AdSecure to eliminate malicious ads, detect non-compliant & low-quality ads, and identify unsafe and offensive ad content.


At EXADS, we pride ourselves with our outstanding customer support, available 24/7. This is why Kayako is a perfect fit. Kayako allows EXADS to support customers straight away, ensuring that each request or conversation is managed in an efficient way.

To help our clients in delivering the best customer support available, EXADS has partnered with the most widely used chat application.’s messaging and customer management software makes it easy to monitor and chat with customers in real-time.

Business Intelligence

Similarweb is the leader in the provision of business intelligence regarding website traffic. By partnering with Similarweb, we are enhancing our client offering with data-driven insights that can help businesses make the best decisions and increase their advertising revenues.