White-label Ad Serving Technology

Save time and money with a customized and self-serve ad platform built for your advertising business. Reach your goals with our infrastructure!

Secure & Reliable

Advanced Statistics

Easy Setup

Wide Variety of Ad Formats

EXADS White-label Ad Serving Technology

Customer Benefits

Use EXADS Ad Serving Technology To Power Your Advertising Today.

Secure & Reliable

99.9% uptime with lighting fast ad responses. Robust platform serving +12 billion ad impressions daily.

Wide Variety of Ad Formats

We offer a huge range of quality and high-performing IAB standard ad formats to cater to a diverse range of client needs.

Easy Setup

We can get your ad server up and running instantly, so you can concentrate on integrating your network of publishers and advertisers.

Constantly Innovating

Our team of developers maintains, optimizes and develops brand new features for you and your clients to use.

A Complete Self-Service Solution

Your publishers and advertisers can work with you in a fully self-service capacity with our easy to use interface.

Go Programmatic

Easily plug in all your demand and supply partners with OpenRTB and Custom RTB integrations.

Advanced Statistics

Real-time statistics provide detailed analytics across multiple dimensions to help you maximise your advertising revenue.

Customizable Dashboards

Your advertisers and publishers can customize advanced analytical dashboards to evaluate data quickly and in real-time.

High Performing Ad Formats

Large range of high performing ad formats optimized for desktop, mobile and tablet, built to the IAB industry standards and fully compliant with Chrome and the Better Ads Coalition.

High Performing ad formats

Advanced Statistics

Our customizable dashboards give you real-time statistics to access ad serving data and examine client performance. Deep dive into statistics using multiple dimensions and metrics to maximize your advertising potential.

ad serving statistics

White Labeling & Brand Customization

Our ad server is fully customizable with your brand name, look & feel, and unique ad serving domain.

White Label ad server

Developers First

Use our powerful APIs to automate repetitive tasks to save you time. You can automate every single feature inside your Network Admin Panel from creating users to generating detailed statistics reports.


ad serving made easy for developers

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The Privacy Sandbox

EXADS is proud to be a contributor to Google’s Privacy Sandbox.


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