EXADS Ad Server for Agencies

Take full control of your agency's Programmatic Advertising with our white-label ad server.
EXADS ad server for agencies

Full Visibility and Control in Programmatic Advertising

With EXADS programmatic advertising solutions Agencies can get full control and visibility of their programmatic ad spend. With support for OpenRTB and Custom RTB integrations, our white-label Ad Server can connect to any supply or demand source.
Manage all your programmatic buying and selling from one platform

Real-time advanced statistics and easy to create and access reports

Wide array of RTB templates for 3rd Party Integrations

Advanced targeting, conversion tracking & frequency capping

Extensive range of ad formats: display, video, native, and more

Access automatic bidding optimization tools

Get full transparency over the programmatic process and ad spend with EXADS white-label and customizable technology and interface.

Programmatic ad serving

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