Primary Targeting Options

Target audiences based on their Category, Country, Region, and Language

Operating Systems from Console, Mobile and Web

Mobile Carrier for when mobile devices are used

Device: Console, Desktop, Mobile, CTV, Tablet or Wearable Devices

Browser: choose your targeted audiences from 27 browser options

Virtual Reality: target or exclude VR users.

Advanced Targeting

Narrow your audience targeting by using IP Ranges, Keywords, Domains and Time Scheduling for your ads. Prevent ad fatigue with Frequency Capping.

Target or exclude users who have reached certain goals with Behavioural Retargeting.

Increase your conversion rates among high potential audiences

Use Positive Retargeting to serve more ads to users who meet a certain goal

Use Negative Retargeting to serve less ads to users who have reached that goal

Custom Key/Value Targeting

Define custom key value pairings at ad server level

Keys and associated values can be static, dynamic or based on a numeric value range

Publishers can assign values to the custom keys

Advertisers can use these values as custom tokens on landing pages

More Powerful Features for Your Ad Server


Large variety of features for campaign creation, optimization and management within an intuitive interface: campaign compliance, conversion tracking, automatic campaign optimizations and more.


Malvertising Protection

Protect your brand, network and audiences with an automated solution that helps you eliminate malvertising, lack of ad compliance and bad quality ads. Over 40 detections available through AdSecure.

Malvertising Protection

Payment Support

One of the most comprehensive financial management systems available in the ad industry. A vast array of options within an intuitive user interface that delivers an unparalleled user experience.

Payment Support

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