Automatic Campaign Optimizations

The Bidder: Intelligently adjust the bids for ad zones and block the zones that don't convert

Landing Pages: Select from several algorithms for your best performing Landing Pages to receive the most traffic

Blocking Rules: For under-performing browsers, countries, devices, languages, mobile carriers, OS, sites and zones

Ad Variations Optimizations: Our algorithms will ensure that your best ad variations will be prioritized


Conversion Tracking

Create Conversion Tracking Goals to monitor the performance of your campaigns

Track your goals by using Conversion Tracking API - S2S

Alternatively, you can also track your goals using Pixel Tracking

The Campaign Compliance feature helps you protect your network, publishers and audiences.

Approve each campaign before it starts to run on your platform

Reject campaigns that don’t meet your standards

Ensure the delivery of safe and relevant user experiences to your audiences

Upload and manage all your creative assets in our Media Library. Have them easily accessible for future use.

More Campaign Features

Frequency Capping: Easily limit the number of times your ads are shown to the same person

Asynchronous Ad Loading: Serve ads without delaying the page load time

Custom Targeting (key/value pairing): Reach clearly defined audiences by setting keys and values to identify them

Automatic Image & Video Optimization to deliver high quality ads

More Powerful Features for Your Ad Server

Malvertising Protection

Protect your brand, network and audiences with an automated solution that helps you eliminate malvertising, lack of ad compliance and bad quality ads. Over 40 detections available through AdSecure.

Malvertising Protection

Payment Support

One of the most comprehensive financial management systems available in the ad industry. A vast array of options within an intuitive user interface that delivers an unparalleled user experience.

Payment Support

Pricing Models

Select the pricing model that best suits the objectives of each of your campaigns. From essential pricing models to more advanced and smart models, EXADS offers an extensive choice for all.

Pricing Models

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