Platform Cookies Policy

Platform Cookies Policy

About us

EXADS is owned and managed by the Irish company Smart Advertising Technologies Limited with Irish VAT ID number 3179817IH, and registered offices at 1st Floor Fenward House Arkle Road Sandyford D18 RK25 Dublin, Ireland.

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If you have any questions, You can contact us by writing or emailing us at the address below:

  1. 1st Floor Fenward House Arkle Road Sandyford D18 RK25 Dublin, Ireland
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What is EXADS Platform Cookie Policy?

At EXADS, we always respect our customers’ privacy and personal information and we take this matter very seriously. We have worked very hard to earn our customers’ trust and keeping it is our top priority. That’s why we comply with the obligations that are laid out under data protection laws. We want you to know exactly how we use cookies, web beacons and similar technologies on the Applications. We recommend that you read this cookie policy carefully.

What are cookies and how we use them?

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on a user’s computer for record-keeping purposes. We do not link the information we store in cookies to any personally identifiable information you submit while on our Website. By accessing the Site, you expressly accept the use of these types of cookies on your devices.
There are two types of cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies. We also allow third parties to use cookies on our Website.

  1. Session Cookies. Session cookies exist only during one online session. They are deleted from your computer when the browser is closed or the computer is turned off. We use session cookies to allow our systems to uniquely identify you during a session.
  2. Persistent Cookies. Persistent cookies are saved on your computer after you have closed the browser or shut down your computer. We use persistent cookies to track statistical and aggregate information about your activity, which can be combined with other information.
  3. Third Party Cookies. We also hire third parties to track and analyse personal and non-personal information. To do so, we allow third parties to send cookies to users of our Website, as permitted by law and without prejudice to your right to disable such cookies. We use the data collected by said third parties to help us manage and improve the quality of the Website and to analyse the use of the Website. The use of these cookies is not covered by our Privacy & Cookies Policy, we do not have access or control over these cookies.

Which cookies do we use?

We use both session ID cookies and persistent cookies. We use session cookies to make it easier for you to navigate our Website. A session ID cookie expires when you close your browser. A persistent cookie remains on your hard drive for an extended period of time.

In the context of a user on our Admin Panel

NameacclogDuration30 daysPurposeUsed for tracking user logins.

In the context of a user viewing EXADS ads on a Publisher site

Name__uptDuration2 yearsPurposeTracking user interests based on its previous impressions / clicks.
Name__uvtDuration2 yearsPurposeGet unique user id session in common context.
Namec-<idcampaign>-<idvariation>Duration1 dayPurposeTracking Clicks and avoiding displaying already clicked campaigns.
NamegoalsDuration1 yearPurposeGet unique id session in Goals and Retargeting.
Nameimg_click_<idzone>Duration1 yearPurposeDefines the click URL when ad serving output is defined to be image.
NameimpressionsDuration1 dayPurposeUsed to apply the frequency capping of campaigns to user.
Namepn-zone-<idzone>Duration48 hours to 45 daysPurposeRemembering whether we can ask about push notifications
Namereg-imp-registryDuration2 hoursPurposeGet unique id session in Impression Tracking.
Namec-tagDuration1 dayPurposeGet unique id session in Conversion Tracking.
Namezone-cap-<idzone>Duration6 hoursPurposeUsed to apply the frequency capping of campaigns to user.
Namezone-closed-<idzone>DurationZone periodPurposeUsed to not displaying ads once closed.

Can I refuse or opt out of cookies?

You can delete cookies at any time using the special settings of your web browser. Given the large number of browsers and versions available on the market, we cannot provide technical assistance on the process of blocking or removing cookies from each of them. For such purposes, you should consult the manuals and support services provided by the manufacturer of the browser that you are using. In any case, for information only, we provide the following links that detail how to allow, block or delete cookies in the main browsers in the market at the time of writing this Policy:

  1. Safari:
  2. Firefox:
  3. Google Chrome:
  4. Internet Explorer:
  5. Opera: