White-label SSP

Take the monetization of your inventory to the next level with EXADS' white-label Supply-Side Platform.
EXADS white-label SSP

A Robust Programmatic Platform for Publishers

The SSP powered by EXADS allows you to manage all your ad inventory from one place. From adding new publishers to integrating with DSPs and Ad Exchanges, our White-label SSP makes programmatic selling easy!
Sell inventory directly to ad networks, exchanges and DSPs

Take part in programmatic RTB auctions or header bidding

Real-time and detailed reporting capabilities

Extensive range of ad formats supported

Malvertising protection for your brand and publishers

Transparency and control over demand sources and pricing

'EXADS' customized Supply Side Platform comes with all the features you need for success! Ready in less than 10 days!

White-label SSP ad serving platform


Ad format variety

EXADS offers a large range of high performing ad formats optimized for desktop, mobile and tablet, built to the IAB industry standards and fully compliant with Chrome and the Better Ads Coalition.

Advanced targeting options and retargeting

Our ad server helps you target audiences with accurate precision, using a multitude of criteria, including Behavioral Retargeting, Virtual Reality, Domains, Keywords and IP Ranges.

Performance monitoring

EXADS advanced statistics, analytics and real-time reporting allows you to optimize campaigns to the smallest detail. Our customizable dashboards will help you track the important KPIs for your business.

Intuitive user interface

EXADS was designed with the end users in mind. Regardless of your technical abilities, our ad serving platform is as easy to use for beginners as it is for advanced users, thanks to its intuitive UI.

Continuous innovation

We never stop. We keep adding new features and optimizing our products continuously to provide the best ad serving platform to our customers.

Expert technical support

Online advertising is a 24hrs business; this is why, at EXADS, we offer our clients the best support possible. Our team of experts are always at your disposal and we provide an extensive documentation library.

Financial Management

EXADS offers one of the most comprehensive lists of payment options on the market. You can manage all advertiser and publisher invoices in one place and do mass payouts in multiple currencies.

Scalable solutions

At EXADS, we build for the future. No matter the rate of your business’ success or expansion, our solution is made to grow with it. We work with big and small companies and cater to all their ad serving needs.

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