EXADS reaches 5 billion daily ad impressions

Craig Donnelly, CTO at EXADS commented, “Reaching 5 billion daily ad impressions is a fantastic achievement and it is the result of a combination of our team’s hard work and the many platform innovations we introduced in 2015. This includes exceptional new targeting features (keyword and IP ranges) and fully flexible frequency capping. Mobile has been a key impressions driver for us and this has been achieved with the introduction of a new mobile carrier targeting system allowing us to target any carrier in the world and we also entered the app economy with the launch of our Android in-app SDK. Our two new desktop ad formats: sticky banner and notification bar opened up new ways for publishers to monetize their sites and for advertisers to generate conversions.”



EXADS™ is an SaaS platform that provides a turnkey solution for running a fully self­-service advertising network. The platform’s industry leading features include advanced targeting tools, an optimized RTB engine, real­time statistics/conversions tracking, integrated multiple currency billing/invoicing and a multi­lingual customer emailing system.

Powered by the EXADS™ Cloud, a dedicated hardware infrastructure that is monitored 24/7 and uses failovers at every level to guarantee the highest uptime. The cloud offers low latency, multiple datacenters redundancy, real­time data processing, big data cluster and on-­demand scalability of up to a billion daily impressions.

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