EXADS introduces three new traffic distribution algorithms for landing pages

The traffic sharing algorithms can be selected in Admin Panel > Advertisers > Offers. Here is a description of each one:

  • Random : Traffic is spread out evenly between different landing pages, so if an advertiser uses 4 different landing pages 25% will be sent to each page.
  • Fixed Shares : Enables advertisers to define the exact percentage of traffic each landing page will receive, for example, landing page A 10%, landing page B 15%, landing page C 35% and landing page D 40%.
  • Automatic Optimisation : This algorithm, that we have based on the multi-armed bandit algorithm, optimises traffic distribution based on conversion tracking results. So the landing page that is performing the best will automatically receive most of the traffic, while continuously testing against existing landing pages and any new page that is introduced.

A second new platform feature now adds automatic compression and optimisation to advertisers banners that are uploaded in campaigns. This results in much faster display times for end-users, which means better campaign performance and a faster browsing experience. Additionally banners can now be uploaded in PNG format as well as the existing GIF and JPG formats.

Craig Donnelly, CTO at EXADS commented, “Our aim is always to help clients get the most out of our traffic and maximise their ROI. Our new algorithms are really cool new programmatic marketing tools that allow advertisers to easily A/B test multiple landing pages and get detailed global statistics to analyse the effectiveness of each offer and their related landing pages. The Automatic Optimisation algorithm is a unique feature that closes the gap between using an ad network and third party optimisation tools, by automatically tracking conversions inside the EXADS platform.”

Donnelly continued, “We are continually innovating by developing new tools and features for our industry leading platform and by integrating programmatic features like these new algorithms and our API, we are providing the ultimate hybrid self- service/programmatic platform for our clients.”



EXADS™ is an SaaS platform that provides a turnkey solution for running a fully self­-service advertising network. The platform’s industry leading features include advanced targeting tools, an optimized RTB engine, real­time statistics/conversions tracking, integrated multiple currency billing/invoicing and a multi­lingual customer emailing system.

Powered by the EXADS™ Cloud, a dedicated hardware infrastructure that is monitored 24/7 and uses failovers at every level to guarantee the highest uptime. The cloud offers low latency, multiple datacenters redundancy, real­time data processing, big data cluster and on-­demand scalability of up to a billion daily impressions.

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