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What is an Email ad server

By Ana Kealy

January 18, 2024

Table of Contents: how to build an Email ad server

What is an Email ad server 

So, what is an Email ad server and how to monetize email lists? An Email ad server serves one type of advertising: Email Advertising. And, with over 4.3 billion email users worldwide in 2023, Email Advertising is a great business! According to Statista, in 2023, Email Advertising revenue was estimated at US$10.89 billion, and it is projected to reach US$12.33 billion by the end of 2024, with Email Advertising expected to be worth US$17.9 billion in 2027.There are many types of web-based businesses of different industries that choose to monetize their traffic based solely on Email Advertising. This form of advertising serves them as an additional source of income, to diversify their revenues and to grow into bigger brands. We are talking about websites and apps for E-commerce, Membership, Listings and Dating, as well as B2B and Lead Generation Companies. 

How to build an email ad server? If you are a business that wants to start monetizing its extensive email subscriber lists, you can seamlessly and quickly start using the EXADS ad serving platform: the best white label Email ad server and thus become a part of this projected US$17.9 billion industry!

What is an email ad server and how does Email Advertising work?

How to monetize email lists? Email Advertising involves leveraging a publisher’s email and newsletter lists to generate revenue by promoting products and services from advertisers through ads. In other words, this is how Email Advertising works, it is based around monetizing a publishers’ email audience in order to create new revenue streams. And it is not only a great way to boost income, but it is also a strategic opportunity to deliver relevant content and promotions to the subscriber base, keeping them engaged and active. This is why it is important to work with the best white label Email ad server in order to monetize your email audience. It is arguably the most direct, flexible and targeted method of advertising and traffic monetization. It not only allows sending direct messages to an already active and engaged audience base, but also most email platforms come fully packed with personalization and detailed targeting tools. 

For instance, subscriber lists can be segmented based on demographics, interests, and behavior, allowing publishers to then build extra tailored emails, and also make sure that only relevant messages reach them. This increases the effectiveness of each individual campaign, guaranteeing the highest possible profit for all stakeholders involved.

Benefits of Email Advertising: how to build an Email Ad Server

So, next up on answering what an Email ad server is and how to find the best white label Email ad server to monetize your email audiences and how to monetize email lists, let's find out 'what are the benefits of Email Advertising for publishers?': 

- WHy and how to build an email ad server? Revenue diversification for publishers with Email Advertising: monetizing email traffic provides website publishers with an additional source of income, allowing them to further increase their revenues. This helps them diversify their income sources, reducing dependency on a single channel and providing more stability to their business.

- Deeply targeted advertising: publishers can enable detailed subscriber segmentation to offer targeted advertising options to their advertisers. This precision allows for more effective campaigns and ensures that promotions align closely with the interests and preferences of the audience, which once again leads to higher performance, hence a healthy revenue stream.

- Enhanced audience engagement: relevant and well-integrated email messages can enhance overall audience engagement. By sending targeted and relevant emails with the content and interests of a publisher’s audience, subscribers are more likely to interact with and respond positively to the campaigns, increasing CTRs and overall revenue.

- Flexible ad formats: the best white label eEmail ad servers support various ad formats, including sponsored content, display ads, affiliate promotions, and dedicated email blasts. This flexibility enables publishers to choose the format that best suits their content and audience.

- Control over ad placement: publishers maintain control over where and how advertisements are placed within their email newsletters. This control ensures that the ads seamlessly integrate with the overall content and user experience, preserving the platform's integrity.

- Increased advertiser demand: Email ads are a great medium to generate conversions since email marketing is one of the very few promotion mediums that allows publishers and advertisers to communicate directly with an active audience. This will increase advertiser demand, making publishers’ email zones more competitive.

EXADS Email Ad Server Publisher Experience: how to monetize Email lists

How to build an Email Ad Server? Due to the flexibility of EXADS: the best white label ad server platform, as a publisher, you can easily have your own branded Email ad server. It is quick and easy to deploy and use, and you can integrate it no matter what email marketing platform you use. It also enables you to sell your inventory directly or programmatically. Not only that, but by setting up your own ad server business with EXADS you can also access a diverse range of ad formats, whether using all of them or using a selection of ad formats, or in this case just ad formats for Email. Here is an overview of what benefits you and your advertisers can expect:

Offer an Email Advertising self-service solution: using EXADS to build your own Email ad server, you can offer your advertisers a complete self-service solution, allowing them to track and optimize their campaigns in real-time and test. You will also be making an extensive variety of ad formats and custom ads available for their Email Advertising campaigns. As well as a large range of deep targeting options including automated bidding, variations and landing page traffic optimization algorithms to help them generate a higher ROI. 

Scalability for you and your advertisers: the EXADS platform is built future-proofed. No matter the rate at which your business might expand, our solution will grow with it. We cater to both big and small companies for all their ad serving needs. Also, the scalability of the EXADS tech allows you to expand your advertising past just the Email ads, should you ever want to add diversify your advertising!

Serve highly targeted Email ads: with our advanced targeting tools using first-party data you can serve deeply targeted Email ads. We offer a range of personalization, analytics and tracking tools for you and your advertisers to create a tailored email ad experience and to track and optimize your campaigns in real time. Some targeting options are contextual, keyword, language, GEO, region, device, browser, OS, carrier, IP range, frequency capping, day-parting, and more. 

Automatic optimizations to maximize revenue: the EXADS platform enables you and your advertisers to streamline your operational processes and sales operations to reduce workload, allowing you to focus your time and resources on growing your business, and helping you save unnecessary costs whilst boosting your revenues.

Comprehensive range of payment options for you and your advertisers: as mentioned, Email Advertising is a great strategy for revenue diversification for publishers, which means that reliable payment tools are key. EXADS' seamless integration with secure and dependable payment providers enables your advertisers to concentrate on their campaign performance, while you can rest assured that you will receive payments securely and promptly. The setup and management of all financial transactions, including payments, invoices, and refunds, are straightforward and user-friendly.

Real-time reporting and customizable dashboards: with our real-time granular performance monitoring tools you will be able to track the performance of your Email ad zones through real-time reporting and other useful detailed tracking tools. This enables you to optimize your zones at any time to ensure that they are always performing at their best capacity. You can also fully customize your dashboards to get just the right and most relevant information for your business.

Full tech support: EXADS’ full tech support team is available to answer your questions 24/7 and keeps you informed of any new feature improvements to the Email ad format. We also have available comprehensive documentation that can also be shared with your advertiser and publisher clients.

Conclusion: how to build an email ad server

So, how to monetize email lists and how to build an Email As server? If you are a big publisher, or have access to an extensive publishing network and aim to monetize content through Email ads, consider building your Email ad server with EXADS' customizable white-label ad serving solution. Or why not reach out to us right now and explore how you can swiftly launch your Email Advertising business easily and efficiently? 

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