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OpenX Alternative

By Ana Kealy

August 16, 2019

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From the summer of 2019, OpenX stopped providing its publisher ad server product and is focusing all of its resources on its programmatic and video offers. Due to this, many publishers are looking for an ad server that can help them to efficiently manage and sell their inventory. 

With so many ad server options in the market, finding the best OpenX alternative is challenging. Publishers can choose a competitive ready-to-go ad server like EXADS, or build their in-house solution. The latter could prove to be a long and costly alternative. Most publishers will be looking for an alternative that could save them time, money, and resources. In this article, we will explain why EXADS’ Publisher Ad Server solution is a worthy alternative. 

OpenX Alternative - EXADS White-label Ad Server

EXADS Ad Server empowers publishers with robust ad platforms tailored to their needs. We understand the importance of scalability, providing solutions that equip you with the necessary tools and support to expand your business on your terms and boost your revenue.

Over the last decade, our dedicated teams have crafted one of the market's best ad servers. Loaded with features that comprehensively address all aspects of ad serving, cross-channel, and cross-device functionality, our platform is designed to meet the diverse needs of publishers.

Furthermore, our programmatic RTB integrations cater to Publishers by offering opportunities to diversify, grow, and maximize revenue. EXADS offers a white-label solution designed for publishers aiming to directly engage with ad networks, exchanges, and DSPs. Our Supply-Side Platform (SSP) is customizable to align seamlessly with your business requirements. In just a matter of weeks, you can kickstart your participation in programmatic RTB auctions or header bidding, enhancing your ability to connect with key players.

Recognizing the diverse needs of our clients spanning various industries, we understand that a ready-made solution is not for everyone. Hence, we uphold a "Developers First" approach, ensuring clients can effortlessly build their unique ad platform using our core modules. Our suite of APIs encompasses the Statistics API, Ad Placement API, Admin Panel API, and Automation API. This comprehensive set of tools empowers businesses to tailor their solutions with the expert support of EXADS, acknowledging the individuality of each client's requirements.

Advanced Features for a Robust Alternative

EXADS stands out with its cutting-edge features, providing a robust and scalable infrastructure capable of managing high volumes of ad traffic. Its processing capabilities ensure uninterrupted ad delivery, even during peak periods. With advanced optimization features and a large range of ad formats, EXADS empowers businesses to easily scale their advertising.

The flexibility of EXADS extends to integration capabilities, facilitating easy connectivity with various third-party tools and technologies. This high level of adaptability enables businesses to optimize their strategies based on evolving market trends and audience preferences.

Unrivaled Reporting Excellence

EXADS stands out as the superior alternative to OpenX publisher ad server, particularly for its reporting capabilities. Our ad server boasts a robust and comprehensive reporting system, setting us apart in the market. EXADS elevates the experience with customizable dashboards, allowing users to tailor their reporting according to specific needs.

Featuring over 28 dimensions, 50 metrics, and 28 filters, EXADS enables users to dissect their data for valuable insights into their ad placement or ad campaign performance. The flexibility extends with the ability to save filter sets, easily accessible through the Saved Reports drop-down tab, streamlining the reporting process for businesses.

Beyond its reporting prowess, EXADS seamlessly integrates with third-party analytics tools, enhancing the overall reporting experience. This integration empowers businesses to leverage their preferred analytics platforms while accessing and analyzing data efficiently within the EXADS ad server.

Publisher Success in Targeted Advertising

Discover a wealth of benefits tailored for publishers with EXADS, the top choice for enhanced targeting precision and audience engagement. EXADS empowers publishers by providing advanced targeting capabilities that utilize valuable first-party data. This allows publishers to finely tune their audience segmentation, considering factors like browsing behavior and purchase history.

With EXADS, publishers gain access to a comprehensive range of targeting options, ensuring optimal reach and relevance. This translates into heightened engagement and increased conversion rates for their advertisers.  By delivering precisely tailored messages to the right audience at the right time, EXADS enables publishers to leverage their first-party data effectively. As your go-to OpenX alternative, EXADS is dedicated to enriching the advertising experience for publishers.

Non-disruptive Ad Formats

At EXADS, we understand the importance of delivering an exceptional experience to your audience, and that starts with the right ad formats. 

Our ad server offers a diverse range of formats designed to align seamlessly with your digital properties and enhance user experience. From the subtlety of native ads and the engagement of video ads, we have you covered. Additionally, our responsive display ads and multi-format ads provide flexibility and responsiveness across various devices. 

What sets EXADS apart is our commitment to customization – our technology allows you to include custom ad formats through APIs, ensuring you have the creative freedom to tailor your advertising strategy precisely to your audience's expectations. 

Brand and Audience Safety Made Simple

When selecting an ad server, publishers should prioritize robust brand and audience safety features. They must seek functionalities like ad verification, fraud detection, and malware protection to uphold their brand reputation and establish a secure environment for their audience.

EXADS, in partnership with AdSecure, provides a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge solutions to shield publishers from malvertising and subpar ads. This integration ensures 360-degree monitoring and protection for your ad supply chain. It simplifies and automates the ad verification process both before campaigns go live and while they are running, offering peace of mind and proactive defense against potential issues.

Support and Service Simplified

For publishers looking for an alternative to OpenX, it's crucial to find one that recognizes their distinct needs. EXADS offers responsive support channels to swiftly address any technical issues or inquiries. This includes access to knowledgeable support teams ready to provide guidance, troubleshooting assistance, and best practices.

But it doesn't stop there. Beyond technical support, EXADS is committed to empowering publishers with the skills and knowledge they need. This commitment is evident through training resources and educational materials such as documentation and video tutorials. By choosing EXADS as your partner, one that values customer success and invests in long-term relationships, you can significantly enhance your ad operations and revenue generation.


In conclusion, for publishers seeking a robust and versatile alternative to OpenX, EXADS stands out as the ideal solution. With a comprehensive suite of features and a commitment to brand and audience safety, EXADS is your go-to provider. Take the next step towards optimizing your ad operations and maximizing revenue by getting in touch with EXADS today. Contact us to explore how our tailored solutions can meet your unique needs and contribute to your long-term success.

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Ana Kealy