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Latest EXADS Platform Updates

By Ana Kealy

December 7, 2023

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Step into EXADS's latest innovation journey! From streamlined payout processes to enhanced campaign management tools, we've been hard at work bringing you cutting-edge solutions. Dive into an exclusive roundup of all the exciting features we've recently released and bugs we fixed.

Discover how these updates can revolutionize your campaigns, empower your analytics, and simplify your workflow.

Product Feature Updates


New Settings Component for the Metrics Groups

Tracking performance is now more straightforward than ever! Users can easily choose the specific data they wish to view with the recently introduced Settings component on the Statistics page. This feature has been organized into distinct groups based on user roles and requirements:

  • For Admins: General, Video, Push Notifications, RTB - Advertiser, RTB - Publisher
  • For Advertisers: General, Video, RTB
  • For Publishers: General, Video, Push Notifications, RTB

Increase the Maximum Number of Widgets on the Dashboard

At EXADS, we value our clients' feedback, and as a result, we've enhanced our user experience by increasing the number of widgets a user can create on a dashboard from 9 to 12. This improvement allows users to access more information at a glance and empowers them to better monitor their activities.

New Widgets

Adscore live detection on Desktop and Mobile (Admin & Publisher)

Catering to Admin and Publisher users,  this release, currently in the pilot phase, serves as a proof of concept with a specific emphasis on popunder ads. The primary objective is to refine and perfect capabilities for detection, ultimately extending this powerful tool to all clients. This addition will enhance the detection of low-quality traffic, underlining EXADS' commitment to assist its clients in maintaining a high standard of ad traffic quality.

Live DetectionAdmin only Features

Crypto-related data in the Publisher Payments section 

To help our clients monitor their crypto operations, we added the option of enabling crypto payment-related data in the Publisher Payments section. This data is available by enabling the following columns:

  • Cryptocurrency (e.g. BTC, USDT, USDC)
  • Blockchain Network (e.g. ERC20, BEP20, etc)
  • Wallet address
  • Transaction ID 


Automated mass payouts via Paxum

This is another feature part of our latest releases, which enables automatic Paxum mass payouts for publishers. Mass payouts help to streamline the payment process, by offering a solution that not only reduces but potentially eliminates human errors associated with payouts. Finance teams will benefit from this addition as it helps to improve efficiency and makes the payout process simpler. 


Advertiser Feature

Goal Categorisation 

In our latest release, we're excited to introduce a new feature that now makes goal categorization mandatory. This update aims to optimize the performance of advertisers' campaigns, particularly when leveraging the Smart Bid feature. With this change, creating or editing conversion goals will now require specifying a Conversion Type, ensuring a more precise and streamlined campaign management process. 

goal categorization

Bug Fixes

We have been working to fix bugs and make your experience smoother. Below is a rundown of the most impactful bugs that we tackled in the recent weeks:

  • Error in the marketplace query: Advertisers attempting to filter data on the Marketplace page using three specific filters encountered a 500 error. This was fixed and now the filtered results are displayed. 
  • Removal of dashboard widget filter during refresh: When initially selecting a filter for a widget on the dashboard, the information was filtered and displayed correctly. However, if the user refreshes the page, the previously selected filter will not be applied anymore. As this bug has been fixed, the filter will still be applied when refreshing the page. 
  • Unable to copy an exchange campaign: when advertisers attempted to clone an Exchange campaign by utilizing the Copy button, they encountered an error that prevented cloning. This issue has been resolved, and advertisers can now seamlessly copy Exchange campaigns.
  • Usability improvements fixes:
    • User profile dropdown: when a user clicks to view the User Profile Dropdown, this menu will still be displayed in random places on the page as the user is scrolling. After fixing this, the dropdown menu is not visible once the user scrolls down on the page. 
    • Missing the campaign type prefix in orange in the campaign list for admins: this bug refers to the advanced type campaigns, such as Exchange, Traffic Share, etc., which should have an orange prefix with the Campaign type on it, in the Campaign Name column rows. As this has been fixed, admins can now see the type of advanced campaign in the campaign list. 


As the holiday season is almost upon us, the last while has marked significant strides at EXADS. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and innovations in the coming months as we remain committed to providing you with cutting-edge tools and an unparalleled advertising experience. Your journey with EXADS is our priority, and we can't wait to share what's in store next! To find out more about any of our new features or about our products, contact us today! 

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Ana Kealy