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How to Monetize Online Gambling Platforms

By Ana Kealy

March 7, 2024

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How to monetize Online Gambling platforms

Online Gambling Membership websites and apps offer great traffic monetization opportunities, as an ever-growing market that is reaching new peaks of end user volumes every single year. In fact, according to Statista, the online Gambling market is expected to reach a revenue of US$107.30bn by 2024 worldwide, resulting in a market volume of US$138.10bn by 2028, with an annual growth rate (CAGR 2024-2028) of 6.51%, reaching 243.2m users by 2028 across the globe. 

Why use a White-label Ad Server to monetize Gambling websites and apps? How to monetize Online Gambling platforms how to monetize Gambling websites with ads using an Ad Server How do I choose the best Ad Server to monetize Gambling platforms?

As we can see in the graph above, aside from a small dip in 2021, the online Gambling market user adoption continues to grow year on year. The widespread availability and access to Mobile and Tablet devices has significantly contributed to the global growth of the online Gaming vertical, with Gambling sites being widely more accessible than physical Casinos and welcoming millions of end users from across the world daily. As a result, online Gambling has kept and increased its popularity, making Gambling websites and apps very attractive to Advertisers looking to promote their online businesses through Membership or Subscription-based websites. In this article, we look at how to monetize Gambling websites with ads using a White-label Ad Server as your best partner!

Why use a White-label Ad Server to monetize Gambling websites and apps?

Monetizing ads has become paramount to generating extra revenues beyond the subscription models for online Gambling websites and apps. In order to smoothly get started in the advertising world, using White-label Ad Servers stands out as the faster and more effective solution, allowing website owners to easily monetize their traffic without the need to invest in a team of developers to build proprietary technology.

The EXADS White-label Ad Server presents a great solution for Gambling websites and apps, packed with great Publisher features to seamlessly set up, monetize, and track ad zones, easily manage budgets with financial management solutions, and more. By using EXADS’ White-label solution, website Publishers reap the advantages of a sturdy and advanced advertising platform without the costly and time-consuming task of building it starting from zero. Here's how the EXADS White-label Ad Server works to your advantage:

A fully customizable platform that gives you full control: By using EXADS’ White-label Ad Server to monetize your Gambling website or app you gain full control to manage your data and the platform with total autonomy. You can also customize the platform to match your website’s look and feel, allowing you to keep your brand’s identity as well as manage the user experience as you see fit.

Seamless Integration: EXADS’ White-label Ad Server seamlessly blends into the existing infrastructure of your Gambling platforms. This integration is pivotal to keep the user experience cohesive to the functioning of your website, with ads seamlessly integrated into the platform, preserving user engagement while allowing you to generate extra revenue.

Excellent Client Support: Unlike self-built solutions, hosted Ad Servers come with a dedicated team of professionals capable of overseeing the technical aspects and ensuring the platform complies with industry standards. This translates to regular system updates to keep up-to-date with the market and your company’s needs, upkeep, and enhancements without affecting the platform's inner workings or your stored assets.

Scalability and Adaptability: Ad Servers are crafted to expand alongside your business growth. Whether the end user base experiences rapid or gradual expansion, the technology adjusts, guaranteeing consistent and dependable performance. Furthermore, they offer flexibility, enabling various ad formats and strategies tailored to the platform's unique audience.

Data-driven website monetization: Ad Servers like EXADS empower Gambling platforms with reliable data insights, efficient analytics, and reporting tools, enabling platforms to understand end user behavior, ad performance, and revenue generation. This invaluable data informs strategic decisions, optimizing the advertising experience for both users and Advertisers.

How do I choose the best Ad Server to monetize Gambling platforms? 

Having the right features and functionalities is paramount in order to start monetizing Gambling sites successfully, creating new revenue streams whilst keeping the best possible end user experience, thus boosting business success. So what are the must-have capabilities of monetization platforms that Gambling industry stakeholders should keep an eye open for? 

1. A great variety of high performing ad formats: Within the Gambling vertical, as well as in other industries including Gaming, Dating and e-Commerce, the capacity to personalize ads plays a pivotal role in crafting a cohesive end user journey. By selecting suitable ad formats for each website, Publishers can ensure seamless integration. Unobtrusive, seamlessly integrated ads elevate user satisfaction levels and foster increased engagement. So your chosen Ad Server should offer a large range of ad formats, all aligned with Industry Standards, and flexible to fit your platform’s aesthetic and workflow. By using EXADS you will access a wide variety of formats including Video (In-stream, Outstream, and Video Slider), Native, Email Clicks, Banners, Menu Tabs, and more, all greatly suited to help your Gambling site thrive. 

2. Advanced cross-site targeting and retargeting tools: If you manage diverse Gambling platforms, you are most likely constantly looking for new strategic approaches to maximize engagement and user retention across platforms. EXADS empowers you to precisely target your desired audiences with unparalleled accuracy. Leveraging a diverse array of criteria, including Behavioral Retargeting, Virtual Reality, Domains, Keywords, and IP Ranges, our platform ensures that your advertising campaigns reach the right users at the right time and in the right context. Whether you're aiming to retarget users based on their past interactions, immerse them in captivating virtual experiences, target specific online domains, align with relevant keywords, or localize your outreach through IP-based targeting, our comprehensive suite of targeting options enables you to tailor your campaigns with utmost precision. You can also set conversion goals and follow how end users interact on your websites and apps and what they like, then set up conversion funnels across their properties. This enables you to retarget users in an effective manner while providing a smooth user experience and promoting cross-selling initiatives across platforms.

3. Real-time reporting and unified dashboards to manage operations: A great Ad Server should provide Gambling platforms with the capability to oversee and regulate every facet from a unified, easy to use dashboard. At EXADS, we recognize that most Gambling Publishers oversee multiple sites and applications, needing a centralized solution to streamline their advertising operations. That's why our comprehensive Ad Server offers an all-in-one solution, simplifying their management of advertising endeavors. With our real-time performance monitoring tools, you will be able to track the performance of your advertising efforts across sites. This enables you to optimize your zones at any time to ensure that they are always performing at their best capacity. You can also fully customize your dashboards to get just the right and most relevant information for your business.

4. A Self-Service scalable solution: Self-service is a must for streamlining sales processes. It enables Publishers to open their platforms to smaller Advertisers and allows sales teams to focus on bigger deals. The EXADS solution offers easy access and an intuitive interface, simplifying the onboarding process for Advertisers. You and your Advertisers will get comprehensive documentation available which means that Advertisers can quickly create campaigns and activate them so that you can start monetizing your platforms ASAP. Also, you choose which features you can enable for your Advertisers, like optimization features and conversion traffic to create the best possible experience for you, your Advertisers and your audiences. Also, our platform is scalable, which means that no matter the rate of your business’ success or expansion, our solution is made to grow with it.

5. Usage of 1st-Party Data for personalized experiences: A robust Ad Server must enable Gambling platforms to use one of its most valuable assets: first-party data. This capability allows the accurate segmentation and targeting of audiences, using as many relevant criteria as required. The goal of the Publisher is to align the ads that are displayed, with user interests and behaviors. With the EXADS Ad Server, Publishers can use numerous targeting options and also add any custom targeting option suitable for their Advertisers, including interests, demographics, spending habits, or any other criteria. The personalization of ad experiences through the use of advanced targeting options that leverage first-party data increases the likelihood of user engagement and conversions. 


If you are looking to monetize your Gambling traffic, you now know that finding the right Ad Server that offers robust tools to help you manage and track your advertising efforts efficiently is key. EXADS can become your ideal partner and the ultimate solution for monetizing Gambling websites and apps: from seamless management and precise targeting to customizable ad formats, EXADS offers it all! With its comprehensive suite of features, EXADS empowers Publishers to find the perfect balance between user experience and monetization. Contact the EXADS team now and discover how their next generation of White-label Ad Serving technology can transform your Gambling platforms!


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