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EXADS Q4 2023 Product Roadmap

By Barry O'Sullivan

October 2, 2023

Table of Contents:

Get ready for a Q4 update that's going to rock your world! We're about to drop some exciting new features that will supercharge your experience. Read on for a sneak peek at all the cool updates heading your way!

Administrator Experience

Payout Automation - Select specific invoices for mass payments

Payout Automation

To start with, we are introducing a brand new feature tailored for efficiency and precision: administrators and users with finance roles can now exercise control over their mass payouts to Publishers with the ability to pick invoices for mass payment. With this feature, admins don't have to handle all pending invoices at once. Whether it's selecting invoices individually or opting for bulk selection followed by deselecting specific invoices, this feature provides unparalleled flexibility, ensuring that only the necessary payments are processed, thereby optimizing financial operations for the business.

Additionally, this feature helps admins or finance users adhere to regulatory requirements by allowing them to exclude invoices that may require additional verification or documentation.

Campaign Type, Traffic Type & Pricing Models as Dimensions in Statistics & Dashboards

Users in Admin View will soon have the ability to view reports by Campaign Type, Traffic Type, and Pricing Models. These new dimensions will be available across Dashboards and Statistics and in addition can be used as a filter on existing reports.

The Campaign Type dimension will allow users to choose the type of campaign they want to view reports on, like Standard, Exclusive, Traffic Share, Exchange, or Managed campaigns. 

The Traffic Type dimension will enable users to see reports on the traffic type of their choice. This could include traffic such as Social, Email, Premium, or Members Area, depending on the ad server configuration. 

The Pricing Model dimension will give users the ability to monitor campaign performance according to the pricing model of the campaign. The pricing models available depend on the ad server configuration and could include CPC, CPM, CPA, Smart CPM, Dynamic CPA, or CPV, to name a few. 

CDN Metrics in Statistics 

CDN Metrics

In Q4, EXADS is set to introduce another groundbreaking feature: the integration of Content Delivery Network (CDN) usage metrics into Statistics. 

This addition includes data like CDN Usage (KB) and Average File Size (KB), which give EXADS clients unprecedented visibility into their CDN's performance. By offering insights into the volume of data transferred and the average size of files, businesses gain a comprehensive understanding of their content delivery processes. By monitoring these metrics, platform administrators can spot valuable optimization opportunities. Clients will be able to fine-tune their CDN strategies, ensuring optimal performance and seamless content delivery.

Edit Button from Campaign Stats

Edit Campaign

This feature is designed to enhance the advertiser and admin experience by helping them save time. When users delve into the statistics of a specific campaign, they will discover a new Edit Campaign button. With just a click, a new window dedicated to that particular campaign will pop up, allowing users to make swift edits and implement optimizations. 

This feature not only simplifies the process but also grants advertisers and admins immediate access to their campaigns. Whether it's tweaking ad content, adjusting targeting parameters, or refining budget allocations, this intuitive tool ensures that necessary changes can be made swiftly and effortlessly.

Publisher Experience

Crypto Payouts for Publishers

Crypto Payouts

After a successful integration with XBO for Crypto payments and payouts, we are providing more options to enable automatic payouts to publishers through cryptocurrency, using SmartPay. With this new capability, admins and finance roles can effortlessly process payments to publishers in their chosen cryptocurrency from the large range supported by this provider. 

By leveraging cryptocurrency, transactions become faster, more secure, and globally accessible. With automatic crypto payouts via SmartPay, EXADS continues to lead the way in providing cutting-edge solutions, ensuring hassle-free financial operations for digital advertising businesses.

Header Bidding - Prebid.js Adapter

We are constantly working on enhancing our RTB programmatic offering. With this feature, we are introducing client-side bidding in addition to server-side bidding for RTB. The main benefit of client-side bidding is that it reduces the intervention required by the supply server. The RTB snippet contains all the required parameters, thus enabling the client-to-network interaction.

The process will be straight-forward: the users will need to select “Prebid.js" as their template during the RTB zone creation process. They will then be provided with the required JSON configuration to be used in their Header Bidding Prebid integration, and they will be ready to go! 

Advertiser Experience

Resubmit Previously Compliance-rejected Campaigns

Edit Campaign

In Q4, we are also releasing another user-friendly feature tailored for advertisers: the ability to resubmit campaigns that were previously rejected during the compliance review process.  Currently, if any part of the advertiser’s campaign is rejected, they have to reach out to the platform's team to resubmit the campaign, causing delays and inconvenience. 

With the new update, a Resubmit button will be conveniently placed next to the campaign status for advertisers whose campaigns were not compliant. This means that if any element of a campaign is rejected, advertisers can easily edit and fix the issues, and then hit the Resubmit button. This action will send the entire campaign back into the pending stage for compliance review. For this quarter we will focus on Native and Push Notification campaigns to start.

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