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EXADS Q3 2023 Product Roadmap


By Barry O'Sullivan

July 28, 2023


Table of Contents:

Get ready for a wave of cool releases in the upcoming quarter as we unveil a series of advancements that will redefine the way our users interact with our platform!

Advertiser Experience

Ad zone name on Marketplace 

Ad Zone Name on Marketplace

We have received feedback from many of our clients that it would be ideal to display the ad zone name in the Advertiser Marketplace. We hear you! The Ad Zone Name field on Marketplace will now be added to showcase the ad zones available and increase visibility for advertisers when they are setting up their campaigns.

Targeting and Reporting on RTB Inventory 

Targeting Option for Programmatic Campaigns

EXADS already offers advanced targeting capabilities but with this new feature, we are adding an extra dimension! With programmatic RTB it is often difficult to understand the source of traffic coming through campaigns from RTB supply sources. With this feature, we will be providing more site and zone visibility to advertisers for all the traffic coming from RTB Supply Zones.  The following values will provide this extra visibility in campaign targeting and statistical reporting -  Inventory Site Name, Inventory Name, and Inventory Site ID. This will allow for smarter control on campaigns and more granular optimization by zone ID. This is a great addition for advertisers who know the type of inventory that works best for their campaigns, but it is also a way to test different ad zones and adjust bids according to the zone’s performance.

XBO Crypto payments for Advertisers

In Q3, we will keep adding new payment integrations like XBO, a crypto payments solution provider. Through this integration, advertisers will be able to fund their accounts using cryptocurrency, and the choice is really wide as XBO supports the following coins: ADA, AVAX, BTC, BNB, CHZ, DOGE, DOT, EOS, ETH, LINK, MATIC, NEAR, SHIB, SOL, TRX, UNI, USDT, USDC, XMR, XRP, ZIL, ZRX.

Nuvei - Saved Cards 

For EXADS clients utilizing our SafeCharge card payment integration, we will now offer the ability for advertisers to save their card details for subsequent payments. Making their payment flow more streamlined and without having to enter their card details each time they want to refuel their campaign activity.

Custom Fields for Banners

This feature will allow Advertisers to fully customize their banner variations through the use of new fields such as Title, Description, Brand, CTA, and other content fields. The ads are then rendered on the publisher side through the use of our Ad Placement API. Allowing advertisers and publishers alike to maximize their advertising impact through testing different content variations.

Publisher Experience

XBO Crypto automatic payouts for Publishers 

Xbo Crypto Automatic Payouts for Publishers

The XBO integration will also allow automatic payouts for publishers. As a leading crypto payments solution provider, XBO enables publishers to receive payouts in a wide range of cryptocurrencies as mentioned above. By embracing XBO's services, we are committed to providing publishers with a seamless and efficient payment experience.

Option to Enable Tokens for Publisher Fallbacks

This enhancement allows publishers to send back traffic if it fails to meet the minimum Cost Per Click (CPC) price, including the e-mail token. In the same way that Advertisers can include tokens in their landing page setup, Publishers will be able to enable tokens for any zones that contain Fallback URL or Fallback HTML.

And one more thing…

Retail Media Platform

Get ready to witness a game-changing revolution in the digital retail space! EXADS is gearing up to launch its highly anticipated Retail Media Platform. 

This new addition is set to give retailers the ability to establish and manage their own advertising ecosystem, leveraging first-party data to deliver personalized advertising experiences for their customers. Through a variety of ad formats like sponsored listings, sponsored search, display, and video, retailers will have the tools to create better outcomes for their customers and drive business growth for themselves and for their suppliers. With EXADS, the future of retail media is within reach! 

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