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EXADS Q2 2023 Product Roadmap

By Barry O'Sullivan

May 4, 2023

Table of contents:

Get ready for some awesome new EXADS features that will be released in Q2! Check out what you can expect, below.

Ad Server Administration Experience

Paxum payout automation

Paxum automation

Having to manually execute payments can be a complex and time consuming process that can be prone to human error. To help platform administrators and users in finance roles, EXADS will be introducing automatic mass payouts for Paxum payments. This new feature is expected to simplify the payment process and enable admins and users in finance roles to manage payouts with ease. It will ensure that there is minimum human interaction in the process and it will provide accurate and fully visible statuses for these invoices. 

Categories settings in Admin Panel

Another feature that will improve the admin experience and that EXADS will be adding in Q2 is the ability to easily configure the content categories and subcategories they want to make available on their platform. They will be able to create, enable and disable new categories and subcategories based on their business requirements.

Allow enabling/disabling of individual targeting options

Individual targeting options

Network administrators will have the option to configure exactly which dimensions they want to have enabled and made available to everyone, enabled only for admin users, or disabled. This applies both for the possibility of advertisers to use these dimensions as targeting options or to see their details in statistics.

“Powered By” network branding configuration 

Powered by

At EXADS we are always looking for ways to empower our clients. A new network-level setting “Ads Branding” will be added to give platform owners the choice should they wish to have their network name displayed next to the ads that are being served, or not. If the setting is enabled, then the platform admin will have to provide the text that will be displayed. If the setting is disabled, the ads will be served as usual but the name of the network that served them will not be displayed. 

CRM integration with Tawk.to

We know that Customer Support is a priority for our clients, as it is for EXADS. This is why we are adding Tawk.to, the most widely used chat application, to our list of partners. With this integration, EXADS clients will be able to quickly assist their customers, monitor and provide them with support in real time. 

Publisher Experience

Set a delay in popunder execution

Delay in Popunder Execution

Having the option to add a delay in the execution of popunders will help publishers to deliver a better end-user experience and to increase their daily revenue. Publishers will be able to set their delay trigger time in seconds or minutes for both popunder and mobile popunder zones. This will allow them to better manage the execution and to prevent the popunders from executing on consecutive clicks in case the end user takes multiple actions in the given period of time. 

Advertiser Experience

Bidder improvements 

In Q2, EXADS is bringing more improvements to our automatic bidding optimization tool, the Bidder. One of these improvements is the ability for the user to change the data period that is used by the Bidder to intelligently adjust the bid for ad zones. The default option will continue to be set at 30 Days, however, this could be changed to: Today, 2 Days, 3 Days, 7 Days, 90 Days or 180 Days. Another improvement that we are working on is the user experience when creating Bidder rules. This will make the process of creating rules more simple and clearer for advertisers. 

Fixed distribution algorithm for creatives

To give advertisers more options for how their creatives are served and to complement our existing distribution algorithms - Even, Automatic on CTR and Automatic on Conversion Rate - we are adding the Fixed algorithm. With this new feature, advertisers will be able to control the exact distribution percentage that each of their creatives receives. 

Also in the product pipeline

Include/Exclude option on dashboard filters

Include Exclude Option on Dashboard Filters

EXADS prides itself with the best dashboards’ system on the market. To further enhance the user experience and the quick access to vital performance information, we are adding another functionality that will take the data from your customizable dashboards to another level. By Including or Excluding filters for dimensions on key reports and pages in their Admin Panel, users will be able to refine the information even more. This functionality will be available on the following pages: Sites (Admin View), Accounts, Admin Users, Media Library, Campaigns & Statistics. Once users make their selection to include or exclude the filters they need, all the data will be made available to them, it is as easy as that. 

Proxy as a new filter/dimension

This feature will benefit EXADS ad network clients as they will be able to have increased visibility over the traffic running through their platform, and see what traffic is coming via a proxy server. The Proxy filter and dimension will be available on Network dashboards and statistics.

Ad requests result

To further increase transparency, we are adding another layer to our Ad Requests metric that currently allows users to see the total number of ad requests and impressions generated. With the launch of this feature, users will have better visibility over the filled and unfilled ad requests, to improve coverage or detect potential issues with Publisher clients' snippets integrations.

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