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EXADS is exhibiting at DMEXCO 2023

By Ana Kealy

September 5, 2023

We are excited to announce that EXADS will be exhibiting at DMEXCO 2023, Europe’s leading digital marketing & tech event, in Cologne, Germany on the 20th and 21st of September. Come and say hello to our team in Hall 07.1, Stand F-021!

Why meet with EXADS?

EXADS offers a comprehensive range of white-label, self-service, and customized ad tech solutions. The EXADS ad server empowers businesses to take full control of the management, serving, and monitoring of their advertising. Regardless of the business size, industry, or vertical, with EXADS you get the ad platform you need to maximize your revenue. 

EXADS white label solutions can cater to membership websites, publishing groups, retailers, marketplaces, marketing, advertising and media agencies, mobile apps, training or educational platforms, dating websites, gambling websites, and more. You name it, EXADS has a solution for you! 

Monetize your Membership Websites with EXADS

Membership websites hold a wealth of information regarding their members, ranging from online behavior to interests, status, and more. As some of these websites are tailored to specific niches such as dating, finance, education, hobbies, and others, they can offer advertisers the opportunity to reach specialized audiences. 

The ideal solution for effectively monetizing this data while maintaining a secure and non-intrusive user experience is EXADS' Publisher Ad Server. By utilizing firsthand data, publishers can precisely categorize and target their audiences, ensuring the displayed advertisements remain pertinent. Furthermore, EXADS' ad server offers the opportunity to employ personalized ad formats, seamlessly integrating ads into the website's appearance and atmosphere.

Publishing Groups - Consolidate your advertising on one platform

Overseeing diverse websites catering to distinct audiences can be challenging for Publishing Groups, particularly when managing a complex array of ad tech solutions for each platform. This intricate setup becomes challenging for streamlined management, monitoring, and centralized reporting, and makes it difficult to implement cohesive strategies across the group. Such fragmentation can affect the responsiveness to market changes.

Enter EXADS, the ideal ad server solution! It empowers Publishing Groups to transcend these obstacles by centralizing inventory management onto a singular, robust platform. This consolidation streamlines the otherwise complex management process, allowing for real-time, granular performance monitoring. Leveraging EXADS' APIs further amplifies their capabilities, providing the ability to customize ad formats, functionalities, and configurations to precisely match their unique requirements.

Monetize your E-commerce Website or Marketplace

Retailers, both those who have navigated the digital advertising landscape through various platforms and technologies and those just embarking on this venture, are now driven to establish their retail media platforms. This strategic shift enables them to maximize the potential of their proprietary first-party data for precise audience segmentation, targeting, and retargeting. More importantly, it provides a fresh revenue stream while elevating the shopping experience through personalized ads aligned with individual consumer intent and also amplifies sales for their suppliers and featured brands.

Similarly, for marketplaces that traditionally rely on transaction-based commissions, the emergence of sponsored listings has opened an avenue for expanding advertising revenues, via the adoption of the retail media platform. 

EXADS' self-service technology empowers e-commerce businesses and marketplaces to enable brands and sellers to manage their accounts and campaigns independently. This is paired with accurate targeting, a variety of ad formats including sponsored listings, and real-time analytics and reporting, making EXADS retail media platform an “all-in-one” solution. 

Monetize your Apps with EXADS

Ads represent a lucrative revenue that seamlessly complements the existing income streams of diverse apps, spanning a spectrum of verticals like Fintech, Delivery, Dating, Gambling, and beyond. Utilizing the extensive user insights at their disposal, apps can deliver tailor-made advertising campaigns to their audience, leveraging details ranging from location to spending patterns and social engagement behaviors.

With the EXADS mobile apps ad server, apps can swiftly and effortlessly capitalize on this opportunity. Through a blend of advanced targeting mechanisms and the utilization of proprietary user data, apps can segment and engage their audiences, increasing thus the advertiser’s click-through rates (CTR) and conversion metrics. Alongside seamlessly integrated ad formats, with EXADS, you can enhance the overall user experience and foster engagement.

EXADS offers apps an easy-to-use self-service technology that equips them with the means to grow their reach. This ensures they never overlook lucrative opportunities and also allows them to free up important resources.

Monetize your Emails with EXADS

For any business that engages in email communication with its users or customers, there is a fantastic chance to generate extra revenue or boost their existing ad earnings by incorporating advertisements within their emails. These email ad placements can be sold directly to advertisers or programmatically, offering an avenue to expand the reach of current advertisers, diversify the advertiser portfolio, or even promote proprietary products and services.

Leveraging EXADS' email ad server solution unlocks a range of opportunities. You will have the flexibility to deploy diverse ad formats creating a personalized advertising experience for your list of subscribers using data directly from your records. What is more, you will have the power to monitor performance in real-time, ensuring that your efforts are always optimized for maximum impact. This is your chance to not only enhance your email outreach but also to tap into a fresh avenue of revenue growth, all made possible through EXADS.

White-label DSP for performant Agencies

Marketing and advertising agencies, seeking to achieve maximum user reach on behalf of their clients, often find themselves engaged with an array of diverse DSPs. This leads them to continually go through setting up, monitoring, and optimizing campaigns across numerous platforms. A white-label DSP solution serves as a pivotal tool for these agencies to consolidate their efforts under a singular platform.

EXADS' white-label DSP is an empowering proposition for agencies, providing them with an encompassing suite of capabilities. This involves having full control over how much is spent on ads, using an automated system for more organized campaign management, focusing on precise targeting accuracy, and gaining detailed, up-to-the-minute insights from reports. Notably, EXADS makes connections seamless by supporting both OpenRTB and Custom RTB integrations. This allows agencies to easily access a wide range of sources for what they need. This combination of technology, control, and extensive integration doesn't just make agency work smoother but also offers a unique opportunity to improve campaign success, ultimately pushing agencies towards greater performance and strategic importance.

Build your own Ad Platform

In the world of digital advertising, things are always changing and businesses have unique needs that can't always fit into standard solutions. That's why the most successful and remarkable companies often require a completely custom approach.

With EXADS' complete range of APIs, these businesses don't need to build everything from scratch, saving them time and resources. This means they can launch their solutions much faster and more efficiently. EXADS' API solutions include Ad Placement API, Statistics, Admin Panel, and Automation API as well as 24/7 expert support and guidance.

Whether a business wants to stand out with a unique strategy or enhance its current capabilities, EXADS' APIs provide the tools to make it happen smoothly and effectively.

Book a Meeting with EXADS, at DMEXCO

Save time and resources with the robust and ready-to-go ad serving solutions from EXADS! Book a meeting with a team member and get a demo of EXADS. See you there! 


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