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EXADS is a High Performer in the G2 Spring Reports

By Ana Kealy

April 8, 2024


The leading user-generated review platform G2 has recently published its Spring reports. Which are launched every quarter to show the highest ranked software platforms on the market. EXADS is proud once again to announce that thanks to our client reviews we have been awarded four more Trust Badges as a High Performer in the G2 Spring Reports! EXADS has maintained High Performer badges in the categories of Cross-Channel Advertising software, Mobile Advertising software, and Display Advertising. The newly acquired badges are within the categories Europe Mobile Advertising, EMEA Mobile Advertising, Europe Cross-Channel Advertising, and EMEA Cross-Channel Advertising.

Cross-Channel Advertising Software

According to G2 reviews, 100% of our reviewer clients would recommend us to industry peers, making EXADS an Ad serving platform with excellent G2 reviews! This is why EXADS has become a High Performer in the G2 Spring Reports. EXADS continues to be rewarded with top scores for user experience, admin, and infrastructure. Our Customer Support services also earned the highest ratings from our clients’ reviews as we continue striving to provide the best possible service; which makes us an ad platform with great client reviews for cross-channel advertising.

Display Advertising Software

By 2026, the expenditure on Display advertising is expected to increase to 266.6 billion dollars worldwide. In this very competitive industry, EXADS manages to continue to deliver ad serving solutions that help Advertisers, Publishers, Ad Networks, and Agencies increase their earnings and grow their online business. EXADS has also received high scores for ease of use, setup, admin, and quality of support, which earned us a high performer badge under the Display Advertising category. EXADS has also been recognized as the “Best Display Advertising Platform” in the 2023 international MarTech Breakthrough Awards program. Read this article to find out more. Once again making us an ad platform with Display advertising software with positive client reviews.

Mobile Advertising Badge

Having the right ad serving solution to target Mobile users is key. EXADS is a Mobile advertising platform with great G2 reviews: clients are confident that they have made the right choice as their reviews placed EXADS 4th in the list for highest rated Mobile advertising software! 

EXADS achieved a G2 satisfaction score of 84, close to the category leader who achieved a score of 89. Our users also gave us well above average scores for the quality of support, ease of use, admin, setup, and ease of doing business with. 

Europe and EMEA Cross-Channel Advertising Badges

A brand new category in which EXADS has been nominated as High Performer in the G2 Spring Reports; EXADS’ White-label fully customizable platform has earned us the Europe and EMEA Cross-Channel Advertising Badges. EXADS has earned great reviews from clients who use it across channels. Namely, Console, Connected TV, Desktop, DOOH, In-app Mobile. We strive to continue growing alongside our clients, future-proofing both your business and our platform and helping you grow to scale. Which is making EXADS an ad platform with great client reviews for cross-channel advertising.

Europe and EMEA Mobile Advertising Badges

Ad spending in the In-app advertising market in Europe is forecasted to reach 42.84 billion dollars in 2024 and 7.9 billion U.S. dollars in the Middle East and North Africa by 2024. To successfully target these different GEOS on Mobile, you will need an ad serving solution that offers advanced targeting and tracking settings.

EXADS’ Deep Targeting Tools and Customizable Analytics Dashboards have earned us yet another Badge as a High Performer in the G2 Spring Reports: the Europe Mobile Advertising Badge and the EMEA Mobile Advertising Badge. Our robust Ad Serving technology offering a vast array of popular ad formats has also earned high scores on G2 reviews from our clients. 

Why do our clients continue to rate EXADS so highly?

EXADS is highly committed to developing and launching new features to help our clients scale their business, thus growing alongside them and guiding them every step of the way. This is why we are an Ad serving platform with excellent G2 reviews as well as an ad platform with great client reviews for cross-channel advertising, Mobile, Display, and other kinds of advertising: we are extremely grateful for all of our clients who have helped EXADS to be awarded with G2 High Performer badges for three consecutive quarters. 

Do you want to see why our clients rate us so high and why we keep on being nominated as a High Performer in the G2 Spring Reports and older editions of the G2 Reports? Get in touch with us or why not sign up with EXADS now!

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