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DANADS Alternative Ad Serving Solution


By Ana Kealy

March 30, 2023


When looking for alternatives to Danads, there are many third party white label ad servers that could fit the bill. In this article we are going to focus on EXADS, and why its self-serve platforms offer some of the best ad serving technology options for publishers. 

Although Danads offers a solution to publishers looking to automate their advertising sales, ad tech providers like EXADS, have a comprehensive offering with more advanced functionalities and features. So whether you are looking for a Danads alternative, or an alternative to another ad serving platform, then you are in the right place! EXADS has the AdTech knowledge and flexibility to provide you with the ideal ad server for your business.

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What ad serving solutions does EXADS offer?

At EXADS, we build powerful ad platforms and provide our clients with the tools and support necessary to grow their business and increase their revenue. Our white-label ad serving solutions are self-service and can be customized to meet the client’s requirements.

For more than ten years our teams have been developing one of the best ad serving technologies on the market. This gives us the capability to vary our product offering from a fully-fledged ad network infrastructure, to Publisher ad servers, native, video, mobile or email ad servers. EXADS covers all the aspects of ad serving, cross-channel and cross-device. 

Moreover, each of the ad servers that we build, has the ability to easily integrate with programmatic demand or supply sources. This can help Publishers and Advertisers to diversify, scale and increase their revenues. 

Our programmatic advertising products include Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs), where advertisers can manage their campaigns from an all-in-one super platform. They can add all their programmatic supply and create direct deals with publishers, from one interface. And for publishers looking to sell their inventory directly to ad networks, exchanges or DSPs, we have a white-label Supply Side Platform. Our SSP solution is customizable and can be launched within weeks, giving publishers access to programmatic RTB auctions or header bidding. 

Our experience in ad tech means that we are fully aware of how each business has its own specific requirements. This is why we maintain a “Developers First” approach, making it very easy for clients to build their own ad platform based on our core modules, with EXADS APIs, or to use our APIs to enhance their in-house platforms. 

Advanced features for reliable ad delivery

When deciding to buy a third party ad server, publishers must take a lot into account. Most importantly, publishers must ensure that they will have a robust and reliable ad server that guarantees a seamless ad delivery. Serving over 12 billion impressions per day and over 200k requests per second, EXADS has established itself as a strong and dependable partner. 

Other aspects that must be assessed in the decision making process are the availability of different features and of course the costs associated with these. What sets EXADS apart is that it offers a considerable amount of features and functionalities, all of which can be accessed without additional costs

EXADS’ advanced documentation, expert guidance and support, gives our clients the ability to use all of our features from the get-go. 

Features for Publisher ad server

Engaging ad formats

When you purchase an ad server for your business, you should have the option of choosing the ad formats that suit your goals and audiences, from a large range. The formats that you select and make available on your platform, will then have to satisfy the needs of your advertisers. 

With EXADS, you get to choose from a wide variety of high performing ad formats optimized for desktop, mobile and tablet, built to the IAB industry standards and fully compliant with Chrome and the Better Ads Coalition. In addition to the ad formats offered by Danads, our list includes direct links, instant messages, interstitial ads, popunders, push notifications, the popular native exit, and Multi-Format ads.

Multi-format ad zones allow publishers to combine up to ten of their existing Banner and Native ad zones into a single zone. This will increase the performance of that ad zone for the publisher while enabling advertisers to reach more users without the need to create specific creatives for each placement.

Advanced targeting options

Serving ads on your digital properties adds a new revenue stream, however, this must be carefully done, so that it does not hinder the user experience of your visitors. One way of protecting users from being shown irrelevant or overly repetitive ads, is to ensure that the right targeting options are in place. 

At EXADS we provide unrivaled targeting options that help you achieve a better message reception, better engagement, and higher conversion rates. Further to Danads’ options, with EXADS you can have targeting for ad zones, domains, IP ranges, mobile carrier and sub IDs. The targeting options available are detailed in our documentation

Advanced targeting options

When it comes to customizations, there is one targeting option that can make a huge difference for both publishers and advertisers: custom targeting. As publishers are in a unique position of knowing their audiences best and holding valuable first party data on them consensually, this type of targeting will definitely help in increasing revenues. For example, users can be targeted based on their interests, demographics, spending habits, or any other data held by the publisher and relevant to the advertisers. 

Empowering statistics

Powerful real-time statistics are crucial to a successful advertising business. The ability to monitor all the activities of your platform as an admin or publisher, means that you have the tools you need to make quick decisions and optimizations. EXADS takes it one step further and gives you the option of creating customized dashboards so that you can organize and access the information you need straight away.

As an admin, you have to decide the level of access to statistics that you want to give to your advertisers. With EXADS you have over 25 dimensions, 50 metrics and 25 filters to choose from and ensure that no useful information is missed.

As well as having extensive analytics and statistics capabilities, EXADS also supports third party integrations which are often required by large clients. 

Automatic optimizations for high quality ads

The ideal ad server must have automation tools that will help its users save time while ensuring the best possible outcomes for advertisers, publishers and audiences. 

One of these tools offered by EXADS is the automatic optimization of ad variations and landing pages. This allows the advertiser to select from several traffic distribution algorithms which can ensure that the best performing ad variation or landing page will always receive the most traffic. For the platform owner, this feature has a few benefits: firstly, it will help to deliver ads that your audiences enjoy, and secondly, it will improve the ROI of your advertisers.

Another available automatic optimization is the Bidder. This feature intelligently adjusts the bid of the advertiser for ad zones according to how many conversions they receive from each zone, and blocks those ad zones that don’t convert for this advertiser. The user can also use an unlimited number of rules to block under-performing browsers, countries, devices, languages, mobile carriers, operating systems, etc. 

Variety of pricing models to choose from

When you set up your own ad server, you want to be able to choose the pricing model that best fits your needs. EXADS covers the whole spectrum of options available in the ad serving industry. You can select from CPA, Dynamic CPA, CPC, CPM, Smart CPM or CPV. 

With Danads, the options for pricing models are limited to CPM and CPC. At EXADS, we try to offer our users more choices that would better align with their business goals. 

In order to achieve this, our clients can also choose one of the following models:

  • Smart CPM, which allows you to bid for impressions at the best price possible.
  • CPA (Cost per Action), which allows advertisers to pay only when a user performs a specified action.
  • Dynamic CPA, which is used when attributing different values to different actions. 
  • CPV (Cost per View), which means that the cost is triggered when ten seconds of the video ad are displayed to the site visitor at normal speed. 

You can find out more about our pricing models and see EXADS’ recommendations in our pricing documentation

Role and permission management

We know that inside each organization there is a well defined structure of roles and responsibilities and this is why we made things as easy as possible for you. Exads offers a variety of roles and permissions that you can avail of, to make the work of your teams efficient while using our ad serving solutions. The available roles include: 

  • Admin
  • Account Manager
  • Agent
  • Finance Mgt
  • Compliance Officer
  • Advertisers
  • Publishers

Each role has well defined access permissions. This means that each of your clients or team members can only access the functionalities that they need. The benefit is that they are not overwhelmed with information that they don’t need. 

Role and permission management

Let’s start planning your self-serve solution

Our extensive list of self-service ad serving solutions can be customized to meet all your business requirements. EXADS technology has been helping companies to elevate their advertising for over a decade and includes some of the best functionalities and features available in the market.  

We work with our clients to deliver the solution that they need to grow. On top of the tech support and guidance that we offer, we incorporate client feedback into our product roadmap to provide the best possible ad serving solutions.

If you are looking for a Danads alternative, try EXADS! Book a demo and let’s start building your ideal ad serving solution! 

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