The Company


EXADS is a young international startup headquartered in Dublin’s fair city since early 2013.

We are an online advertising company who provide a number of tools and services to advertisers, publishers and networks for ad serving across the web, mobile/tablet and Smart TV.


EXADS is currently ranked amongst the top 4 ad-serving platforms worldwide, making us one of most innovative leaders in the global ad-serving sector.

We are growing at a rapid rate and are breaking records month on month. On an average month we serve upwards of 125 billion ad impressions across 80,000 publishers resulting in data transfers in excess of 500 terabytes across 3 major data centres around the globe.

As a company we actively develop and maintain our own proprietary ad-serving technology platform and custom built infrastructure enabling us to innovate and deploy new features and functionality quickly in a fast moving and demanding industry.

Our customers include advertisers, advertising agencies, traffic distribution partners and publishers and our platform enables clients to utilise a wide range of advertising formats across a number of different mediums.

Our advertisers have access to a global network of publisher channels from the entertainment, lifestyle, dating, gaming and online communities and we also provide numerous targeting and re-targeting features which allow for fine grained ad targeting across location, language, browser, OS, device, mobile carrier and many more.

We also offers a 24/7 customer support service as well as quality assurance monitoring to combat fraudulent activity and guideline violations of advertiser campaigns.


EXADS is a self sufficient, well funded and privately owned company and our team is expanding nearly on par with our monthly ad impressions!

We are a dedicated and dynamically driven team comprised of industry veterans and hardcore geeks who are passionate about building the best advertising technology on the market.

As a team we thrive on pragmatic problem solving in a fast paced and rewarding environment.

We are always on the lookout for talented individuals to join our team, if you think you have the energy and enthusiasm to work with us, check out our open positions or get in touch.